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PewdieCry - Fun At A Carnival, Part One.
"Ryan, hurry up, we're going to be late!" Felix called out to his lover, standing at the door of the new apartment they now shared. Sighing impatiently, Felix kept checking his watch anxious. He'd set up a surprise for his boyfriend and, even though he won't be late, he still wants to get there early.
"Hold on! I - I can't quite get my foot in these God damn new shoes!" Ryan shouted back to him, sounding strained. Felix sighed, once again, checking his watch once more before walking to their shared room, standing in the doorway.
"Don't wear your new shoes, you need a chance to get used to them, they'll cause your blisters. I don't want your feet hurting, this is meant to be a good night!" Pewds moaned.
Cry looked up, cracking a grin.
"Alright Felix, whatever makes you happy." Ryan smiled, reaching over to grab his old battered converse. "Besides, I still love these babies," Cry joked, hugging them to his chest before bending over to put them on.
Once he was done, Felix bounced over to
:icontruerumoursx3:TrueRumoursx3 1 0
PewdieCry - A First Encounter.
Cry sat on the lonely bench in the small, run down, park in America. Taking cautious glances at his watch every few seconds or so, he had to remind himself he was early. Another glance. Another five minutes to go. He rested his eyes, flopping his head back, allowing himself to think of all the things he knew about his good friend Pewds. Would he even call him that? Would he have to say Felix? After a long battle within his head, he finally settled on the obvious answer - Felix. Would it be awkward? After all, this is the first time they would have met, Pewds doesn't even know what he looks like! With this thought, Cry bolted up, thinking maybe Felix would have just walked past him, thinking he was just another civilian in the park.
"Cry? Or Ryan, whatever you want to be called?" Ryan jumped, scared at the sudden loudness in the usually quiet park. Funny, you'd think after all the scary games he plays, he'd be much more fearless. Cry turned around, surprised to see Felix funning towards
:icontruerumoursx3:TrueRumoursx3 5 19
A Lonely Cry.
A lonely cry on a pale dark night,
A person who’s weeping unseen.
Someone who’s trying to reach the light,
A broken, unloved teen.
So cruel they have been treated,
Leading them to depression.
Taking a razor blade and getting seated,
For there was no one they could submit to confession,
A life slowly crumbling away,
A life that deserves to live.
But yet, no matter what I say,
There is no input for me to give.
I only wish for you all to know,
There is a bright future ahead.
Keep your chin up and try to follow,
Whatever your heart desires.
:icontruerumoursx3:TrueRumoursx3 1 0
As I sit here all alone.
As I sit here all alone,
To the world I’m unbeknown.
The scars I hide,
Oh how I tried,
To stop myself from harming.
There’s no end to it now,
Once I’ve started, I can’t get out.
No one knows of the pain I feel,
Because for your benefit, my lips are sealed.
Is there anyway to stop?
To rid myself of this razor prop,
For which I carry all day long,
Would the world care if I died at all?
:icontruerumoursx3:TrueRumoursx3 3 25
A Self Harm Awareness Type Poem.
S - is for the scars that cover your body.
E - is for the emotions eating at you.
L - is for the life that deserves to live.
F - is for the future, hold on, you'll make it.
H - is for the hunger, after not eating for days.
A - is for the anger you feel towards yourself.
R - is for the rubbish that you think you are.
M - is for the mask you hide behind, automatically saying I'm Okay.
For anyone who self harms, I know what it's like and you don't have to be alone. Please stop hiding behind your mask, people can help.
:icontruerumoursx3:TrueRumoursx3 19 3
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Ok, so I have just posted my very first slash fic. I have never done one before and now I can say I can:3 Personally, I think I did OK, I like it, but please, go check it out and help me improve?

Thankyou! :')


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United Kingdom
Just a girl who's living in a fandom world.

And since you know you cannot see yourself,
so well as by reflection, I, your glass,
will modestly discover to yourself
that of yourself which you yet know not of.

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